Hello everyone, we are Erica and Giorgio, freelance photographers based in Florence, Italy.
The style of Erica's photos reflects her personality: she's an ancient soul looking sympathetically to the modern world that loves to create unique images, some with a fairy tale setting, some more mysterious, with a dark and surreal mood, other extremly minimal but always refined and vintage alike. Women are the main subject of her photographic visions. They are strong and fierce as pagan goddeses, mysterious and bewitching as ancient demons or Eastern mythology's witches. They're sensual and tattooed and with extravagant hair colors and impossible hairstyles but also delicate as dancers or ladies in waiting. 
Her goal is to help people to create special images and fall in love with them.
Giorgio is the ancient photography and wet collodion portrait's expert. He loves to use both old and modern cameras, and often alternates both tecniques in a single set. With his collection of ancient cameras he's available for reenactment and special classes.


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